It all started in July 1949 when Carole Green placed an ad in a local West Hollywood, CA, newspaper inviting people to Plummer Park to discuss forming a square dance club for singles.  From this meeting the first chapter was established in Westwood, CA in October 1949.  During the next three years, four additional Chapters were started.  Currently our oldest Chapter, Redlands (formerly San Bernardino) was started in 1953.  That same year our first Constitution and Bylaws were adopted.  Additional Chapters were formed in 1955 including one in Mexico City and the Whittier Chapter which later moved to Downey, CA.

August 8, 1956 “Bachelors ‘N’ Bachelorettes International” incorporated under the laws of the State of California.  Its stated purpose was to establish a non-profit corporation to form “branches” (later known as Chapters) of this organization in any community, city, and/or state in the United States as well as in its territories and/or foreign countries; and further to promote interest in square and round dancing, goodwill and fellowship among its members, and to conduct social and recreational functions for square and round dancers.  Following the incorporation, Walter Redepenning became the first General Chairman.

During all these years Carole Green, our founder, had been a tireless worker for the Bachelors ‘N’ Bachelorettes.  Then one night she met a man Clayton Miller at a Los Angeles Chapter dance.  Six months later in December 1957 they were married.  Carole continued her devotion to the Club she had started but in November 1959 she and her husband moved north to Sunnyvale, CA and she retired from Bachelors ‘N’ Bachelorettes activity.

In 1968 a complete restructuring of the organization took place to better meet the needs of the members.  The State of California was divided into two regions (North and South) each with its own officers and the chapters having their own autonomy.  The Chapter Presidents in each area formed the membership of the Councils along with the four elected regional offices.  The old Board of Directors was replaced with the new International Board.  Roy Stier of the Santa Barbara Chapter was elected the first International President in 1968.  With additional growth in 1969, a new Central Region was formed.

In 1972, after serving on the reorganization committee, as Los Angeles Chapter President, Assistant Regional Director and two years as the Region South Director, Jay Metcalf became International President.  Jay continued to serve as Bachelors ‘N’ Bachelorettes International President through 1980.  During his many years of service and dedication new B’N’B Chapters were formed across the United States.  Additional Regions were also formed where sufficient numbers of Chapters existed.  Jay personally presented Charters to 29 new B’N’B Chapters.

During the 60-plus years our organization has been in existence, many Chapters were formed. Our clubs continue to host Regional activities in addition to their regular club dances and an International Anniversary Dance is held every year rotating around the country. Our club, regional and international structure remains strong and we are anxious to help form new clubs and assist in the general rebirth of square and round dancing.  When you find yourself in an area where one of our listed B’N’B clubs dance, please come visit and dance with us.  We’re looking forward to meeting you!

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