Square Dance Class

 Sundays @ 7pm

Graduation & Pizza

June 26th

 Round Dance Class 
Every Thursday
6:30-8:00 (Phase II & easy III)       
8:00-9:30 (Phase III
& easy IV)
9:30-10:00 - Phase IV+)
July  9th Dance

Caller:    Arlen Miller
Cuer:      Zena Beaulieu
Theme:  Beach Party Bash

6-Week Summer Workshop
July 10th thru August 14th
6:30-8:00 Plus
8:30-9:30 DBD
Potluck is on Sunday,  August 21st, 1:00-5:00
Mobil Home Park
4800 Daleview Ave
El Monte
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1) Star Visitors of 2014
2 1/4 Way Dance
3) Bus Trip
4) Round Dance Class

Welcome to the San Gabriel Valley B'n'Bs

June 2016 Newsletter – San Gabriel Valley BnB’s

             2nd Saturdays

             6:30-7:30 PM prerounds             

             7:30-10:00 Squares / Guest callers

             Donation $7.00 / Singles rotation

Important Dates in June

5- Membership meeting at the Church at 5:15

11-Our School's Out Dance with Charlie Fagan

14-Visitation to Glendale's Anniversary with the

     Crossfire Band, Darren Gallina & Hunter Keller.


18- Visitation to the Grin'n'Square It's Red White &

     Blue Dance with Carrie Masters. Suggestion:

     wear the club outfits with red accessories(belt,

     petticoat, tie, etc.)

26- Our Graduation Pizza Party-Dance with

           Frank Lescrinier. CLUB OUTFITS

Other Important Information

           At our June 11th dance we will serve fruit, cookies,

cheese and crackers. Members, please bring one of

these items. In the kitchen we will have Marcie, Jim C.,

& Jim W under Russell's leadership

At our graduation dance we will serve pizza, etc. Club members

do not need to bring food, just be sure to be there with your

club outfits on. Let's welcome our graduating class members

"in style". In the kitchen we will have Karen, John, Gary & Kim

under Ana's leadership.

Two future dates to note: workshop begins on

July 12 with Marlene at the helm. We need a volunteer to help

setting up and cleaning up in the kitchen. Remember, this is a

split workshop that EVERYONE can benefit from. We are also

having a club pot-luck picnic on August 21st. Flyers are ready.

Put these dates on your calendar.

           Since we are a non-profit organization, we are required to

choose a charity to support. At the membership meeting we have

chosen the Foothill Unity Center that provides food for the needy.

More information will be coming soon.

           I remind your again, please try to come to as many club

dances as you possibly can so we will not lose money at every dance.

We are trying to keep the club going without raising the donation so

we need everyone's help. This is an ongoing discussion at our

membership meetings, how to function without depleting our treasury.

I want to thank everyone who keeps coming to the dances, classes &

visitations faithfully.

           Happy June birthday to Yolanda (6th) and Bruce & Marlene (29th)

A very happy 9th anniversary to Ed & Lupe (10th), 54th anniversary to

Roger & Janice (24th), & 53rd anniversary to Dennis & Lynne(28th)

           To all the fathers, Happy Father's Day


Judy reporting         

July 2016 Newsletter – San Gabriel Valley


             2nd Saturdays

             6:30-7:30 PM prerounds

             7:30-10:00 Squares / Guest callers

Important Dates in July

             2- Support the Club 50 dance at the Funsters' hall

             9- Our Beach Party Bash dance with Arlen Miller

             10- Membership meeting at the church at 5:15

             10- The Summer Workshop begins at 7:00 at the church

             29- Support the St.Jude benefit dance at Cedarbrook

             30- Knotts Berry Farm


Other Important Information

            To the July dance club members are asked to bring

fruit, finger food, and cheese & crackers. In the kitchen we will have

Steve, Mary Ellen, Jack, & Jennifer under Marlene's leadership.

            Marlene graciously consented to chair the Summer

Workshop and co-chair the 2016-17 class with Dee & David which

will start on September 11 so please start spreading the word.

Flyers and cards are available so ask me for some to take around.

Thank you Marlene, Dee, and David.

            Congratulations to the new graduates, Gwen and Marni, who

decided to join this wonderful club. Congratulations also to Nancy who successfully completed the class again and joined our club. A warm welcome to the three new members.

            Thank you all who attended Glendale's Anniversary.

 I want to remind all of you that we have only 4 B'n'B clubs remaining in Southern California: San Gabriel, Glendale, Rancho and Redlands.

We really need to support each other. When I joined the B'n'B's,

there were 11 B'n'B clubs in the area. Slowly we are shrinking. 

There are two ways to stay alive. One is to support each other.

So please attend the scheduled visitations and support all local clubs

is we want them to support us.We do carpool!

The other one is to be willing to work for your club by holding an

office, doing your share of the work, and attending the club dances.

Most of you contribute greatly to keep our club alive and prosper.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

If you ever have any suggestions, please don't keep them to yourself.

            Please remember that we still recycle cans and bottles so

please bring whatever you can and give it to Roger or me.

            Happy July birthday to Kathy (1st), Joyce (14th),

Judy (20th), & Bill (30th).

            Happy Anniversary to John and Karen on the 15th.



                                                            Judy reporting

  San Gabriel Valley B'n'B's

 Caller Schedule For 2016



  DATE              CALLER                    THEME

 January 9         Andy Allemao          Black and White Ball

                                                                (48th Anniversary)

 February 13      Steve Woodard       Stupid Cupid      

 March 12          Rod Shuping            Shades of Green

 April 9              Phil Farmer              Down on the Farm        

 May 14              David Mee               Fiesta Day

 June 11              Charlie Fagan          School's Out

 July 9                 Arlen Miller             Beach Party Bash

 August 6           Frank Lescrinier      Some Like It Hot

 September 10   Dale Hoppers          Saturday Night Lights

 October 8          Darren Gallina        Fall Frolic

 November 12   Pat Carnathan         Red, White & Blue

 December 10    Rod Shuping           Better Watch Out


 The cuer for most dances in 2016 is Zena Beaulieu

 Cuer for the September 10th dance is Bill Berry and

 the cuer for the October 8th dance is Judy Kersthold


 Dance location: 9468 Broadway,Temple City at Broadway & Cloverly


 For information call Judy (626)287-1946 or Christine (626)914-6325