The San Gabriel Valley B'n'B's monthly dances:


6:30-7:30 (rounds)

7:30-10:00 (squares)

Community of Christ

  9468 Broadway   

Temple City  91780
 (corner of Broadway & Cloverly, between Temple City Blvd & Rosemead Blvd.)

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For info call Judy at (626) 287-1946

Our January 10th Dance
Caller:  Andy Al.lemeo
Cuer:   Zena Beaulieu
Theme:  Black and White
              47th Anniversary

Our Half Way Dance & Used Clothing Sale
Sunday, January 25th

New Round Dance Class  Thursday, February 5, 2015
  6:30-7:45 -New Dancers
  7:45-9:00 - Phase 3,
                 transition to 4
9:00-10:00 - Phases 4 & 5
Visitations are important.  They are fun and they encourage other clubs to visit us.


OF 2012-2013

Marcie & Jim C.  24 visitations
Judy 23 visitations
Jean 22 visitations
Don 21 visitations
Jim W. 20 visitations
Brenda 19 visitations
Bill 19 visitations
Marlene 18 visitations
Bonnie 17 visitations

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Welcome to the San Gabriel Valley B'n'Bs
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December 2014 Newsletter- San Gabriel Valley 


 6:30-7:30 PM prerounds/Judy Kersthold

 7:30-10:00 Squares / Guest callers

Important Dates in December

6 - Support the Chips for Kids dance at the Funsters' hall.

            The dance is from 2:00 to 5:00 with multiple callers

           and cuers. It is $8.00 or an unwrapped toy.

7 - Membership meeting at 5:15 at the Community of Christ

12 - Our club 's Christmas party at 1035 E. Huntington Dr. At

            the club house of Marlene's Mobil Home Park

14 - Our "jingle Bells" dance with Rod Shuping.   

            Santa Claus will be there for taking pictures with him.

30 - Visitation to the Glendale B'n'B's dance with Rod Shuping

Other Important Information

            At our December dance we will serve Christmas goodies

so bring anything red and green or appropriate for Christmas. In

the kitchen we will have Marcie, Jim C., Marlene, Donna, & Larry

under Russell's leadership.

            The Christmas party will be pot luck and we will eat at

6:00. We need help from men to set up the tables, etc. in the

rec room at the Mobil Home Park. If you can come early, it will

be greatly appreciated since the tables are too heavy for Marlene

and me to move by ourselves.

            Remember your membership dues. They are still $20.00

plus $7.00 for the newsletter if you wish to receive a printed copy.

If you get it online, it will be sent to you free.

            It is wonderful to see so many of you at our membership

meetings which is the first Sunday every month before class. But

we always see the same people there. It would be wonderful to see

a few "new" faces each month. You should all try to get involved in

the decisions we make and show an interest in how it all comes

together. If you have not attended a meeting, try to resolve to attend

at least one every year. It's really painless!

            Joan has not been around lately and she has been missed

very much. For those of you who don't know it, she is seriously ill

awaiting drastic treatments. (FYI: Joan has been a member of our

club for over 35 years.) We all hope, Joan, that you will be back

with us soon.

            Happy December birthday to Ed (3rd), Jean (18th), Jack (20th),

and Lynne (30th). There are no anniversaries to celebrate this month.




                                                            Judy reporting

January 2015 Newsletter- San Gabriel Valley

     2nd Saturdays

            6:30-7:30 PM prerounds/Zena Beaulieu

            7:30-10:00 Squares / Guest callers

Important Dates in January

            4 - Membership meeting at the church at 5:15   

            10 - Our 47th Anniversary Dance with Andy Allameo.

                        Please wear black and white outfits

            17 - Visitation to the Grin'n'Square It's Black & White

                        ball with Pat Carnathan

            24 - Visitation to the Major Keys with Ken Bower.

                        CLUB OUTFITS. Carpooling.

            25 - Our Half-Way Hoedown

Other Important Information

            At the anniversary dance we will serve salads, rolls,

cold cuts and cake. Members please bring any kind of salad.

In the kitchen we will have Larry, Donna, Elaine, & Teri under

Bonnie's leadership.

            At the Half-Way Hoedown we will serve finger food.

Members are asked to bring any fruit, cookies or other finger food.

In the kitchen we will have Ella, Michael, Ana, Les, & Sharon under

Kitt's leadership.

            I hope everyone's Christmas was a truely merry one and are

all ready to start the new year on a high note. Please make a point of

attending all our dances and go to as many visitations as you

possibly can. Remember, most of you have to drive only as far as

a meeting place where you will be picked up by a carpool driver.

            Don't forget to bring your aluminum cans and plastic soda

& water bottles. We are still collecting and recycling them.

            I want to thank everyone who makes a point of attending our

membership meetings and the "Star Visitors" who were recognized

by me in the Christmas letter. It would be great to have everyone at one

time or another participate in these activities.

            We have an enthusiastic square dance class of about 8-10 students.

We usually have 3-4 squares at the classes. Angels are always welcome.

Make a point of attending the 1/2 way dance so that you could see for

yourself just how well the class is progressing.

            On February 5th we are starting a new round dance class. Spread the

word and come down to learn this fun activity.

            Happy January Birthday to John (7th), Donna & Vonda (11th),

Irene (15th), Toni (25th), and Gloria (30th).

            We have an anniversary to celebrate, Michael & Ella's 7th

on the 6th.

                                    HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL


                                                Judy reporting